The TOP 40 TV Show Intros Tournament Bracket (feat. Duane Meier)

Updated: May 2

We asked you what your favorite TV Show Intros were - you told us and we put your top 40 in a bracket and asked you to complete it! Now it's our turn - watch as we debate the best and see who wins the #1 BEST TV SHOW INTRO!

We also say good-bye to Evan, though he is leaving the Mass-Debaters Podcast - you can still find him on The 3 Count - A Wrestling Podcast by Mass-Debaters. We are now looking to fill Evan's seat on the Mass-Debaters Podcast! We will be having several guests on the shows in the coming weeks, please share your feedback with us as we decide who is stepping into Evan's shoes!

Looking for a good time? Feel out Mass-Debaters, a fun and lighthearted - sometimes passionate and heated debate on the most unlikely of topics! Join me, Diandre “the Ringmaster," and my quick-thinking friends - Cam “the Sweetheart”, Evan “the Numbers Guy," and CJ “the Wildcard” for a debate on the most unlikely/unpredictable/unexpected/unique topics.

This week's topics: Top 40 Tournament - The Best TV Show Intro

Next week's topics: Best High Food

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